Sunday, October 27, 2013

Two talks at local Software Development meetup: me and Pavel Knorr

Both Pavel Knorr and myself, from Logicify, were having talks at local IT-meetup last Thursday. That was quite fun, thank to DataArt Kherson for organizing people and facility.
Thanks to Pavel for making up his excellent presentation with code samples, and to everyone working on our nodejs-sample application.
Here are the relevant links:
  1. - source code of the sample app. We also use it as ‘seed’, or an ‘archetype’ for starting new apps of the same structure.
  2. Russian language Slides for the Pavel’s talk about basics and caveats of Node.js. It would be best viewed with the accompanying recording of the talk, and if you have some background in client-side javascript and/or serverside programming (like java).
  3. Russian language Slides for my presentation on Node.js and unittesting. Would be best if the reader woud understand the concepts of the unit testing (mocks, verification, structure, goal of unittesting, level of granularity, usual terminology), thought that’s not really required.
Happy to help if you have questions!

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