Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Domain name history search tool - found a non-paid one!

Hi there,
I was fighting the DNS system recently, and GoDaddy to name. Issue was that I was changing the nameservers for a given domain name, but for some reason GoDaddy disallowed to forward that domain. This worked out pretty well afterwards (just takes some time to wait).
However I made a mistake then. I have changed the NS servers, without writing down the old ones. When the change was done, I was unable to recover original IP of the service I was moving (oh sh!).
That was a moment of panic, however, after some searching I have come across (a finally free!) tool, which shows the history of the domain name change over time.
That’s http://whoisrequest.org/history/, and it works just perfectly. Using it, I was able to find out the historical NS records, and then query it for the old IP and it was relief :)

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