Sunday, October 27, 2013

Node.js, elasticsearch, mognodb, ext.js and Heroku sample application - we have it as a work-in-progress

We have built a sample application to use as a base (archetype-like) for the forementioned stack. It is accessible on GitHub and we really welcoming everyone trying to interact with it somehow. Push it, copy, use, fork, augment - great. Comments and questions? Totally wonderful. Complaints and ideas? Great as well! We look forward to improving it.
The idea of the app is boring - it’s CRUD+S(earch) app for bookshelf functionality. Nah, boring. Node.js, elasticsearch, mognodb, ext.js and Heroku sample application; it was written in 2 days by 4 people who have never used and even tried any of this tech before. This is a great illustration of quite a fast time-to-dev. The domain itself (books) is quite non-intrusive, which means you can play around with different components easily.
As of now, here’s what we have:
  1. Source codes are accessible on
  2. The app deployed to and visible in the Internet
  3. It has all the stuff necessary for Heroku deployment.
  4. Exposes minimal architecture. From the point we’ve been working with this, we’ve came to way better way of handling the configuration, exceptions, logging, etc.
  5. It has around half of the testing facilities (supertest, mocha, jscoverage, chaijs) setup, but is missing, for instance, nice usage of Sinon.
  6. Has some basic documentation.
Upcoming plans:
  1. Add ‘proper’ configuration handling (with several config files and env variable switching them)
  2. Proper logger wrapper.
  3. Improved testing - showcasing Sinon.js and some better assertions.
  4. Growing a little more functionality.
This demo was partly created as a Proof of Concept we’ve been doing for one of our customers back in May, and partly as a demo app for 2 talks me and Pavel Knorr were having on the local Kherson it-talk meetup. Still has huge room for improvement, and that’s what we’ll try to do.
Also, it was created by Logicify team
we are doing great custom software development and services. You can reach me for any enquiries or use the website :)
, and at Logicify we really have already used this project twice as an archetype - cloning it, fixing something in it and making it effectively a seed of the new project.
So, if you’d like to interact with it - please do!


Anonymous said...

is there a chance you integrated your really nice app with this

Alexander said...

Hello Anonymous!

Took a look at the Github you have provided; looks like a nice demo app with a perl as a main platform.

I think I missed that part - would be really great if we could have that integrated, but these two are based on totally different tech!

Would be happy to discuss, though. You can chase me on GH or Facebook easily!