Monday, March 16, 2009

Example of the job done with GWT

Just found out site I've been developing some time ago.
It's done with pure gwt, when I was completing it, it seemed to me veery cool.

For english-speaking guys: sorry for cyrillic :)

So, here's link: Металлопластиковые окна в Херсоне: ТМ Основа

It is very easy. It incorporates usage of the GWT history support (try clicking back button) , and it has some heavy-duty stuff done with GWT and modified Canvas widget from GWT widget library.

To see it, you can go to Посчитай!->Выбрать тип конструкции.

The wireframe pictures of the window shapes are drawn here, on the client! For Opera/Safari/Mozilla element is used, and for the IE6/7 - VML. Looks good, isn't it?

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