Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Different TRAC workflow for individual ticket types

TRAC is a tracking software, used to store and work with different issues during software development process - let it be bugs, development tasks, requirements, or feature requests.
It is free, flexible, has good SVN integration (as for me), and is quite minimalistic in its design.

And - yes it heavily uses wiki markup everywhere, making all linkable to all.
But - if you want to setup custom workflow, and you want it to be different for different ticket types, you'll hit a wall. This is currently not implemented in trac workflow.

The good news are that TRAC is python-based, and thus its sources can be changed easily.

Different workflows for different ticket types in TRAC (TRAC ticket link:) ) describes how one can solve the problem, with minor application of patch command. Have not tried it yet, but will report soon...

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