Monday, January 28, 2013

sbt and IntelliJ idea support

For now, not so as good as Maven integration, however worth seeing.

  1. - SBT plugin for generating IDEA files (.idea structure, not the old one) from the SBT build definition.
    Unfortunately, the project created is not ideal -- it adds some additional module for SBT build itself, and in my case it picked up wrong web.xml for webapp.
    It is OK to change this, however as soon as you add another one lib in SBT, you'll have to re-generate and re-configure IDEA again. 
  2. - IDEA plugin to run SBT commands in IDE, include to the build process and show notifications in-place. Not too bad. 
Issues with those are that, not alike maven integration, IDEA does not track automatically changes in SBT, and on re-configuration of the build some work is needed. 

On the side, just an idea whether it is possible at all. Maven's pom.xml provides ready model, while SBT provides a set of transformations - some of them may be pretty complex. One would need to run sbt behind IDEA to gather the actual ending values of the Setting[T] at the end. I guess :)

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