Sunday, March 7, 2010

New blog platform - does it worth it?

Hello again.

I'm thinking of moving to the shared hosting with own domain name and Wordpress installed - seem to like more configuration.

It is now up with the blogger imported.

Try it - do you feel it comfortable? Like the styles? Any ideas on whether this change may be good or bad?

Thank you!


Dmytrii Nagirniak said...

For the blogging purpose, I prefer to keep it in the "cloud" so I don't have to maintain it and spend time for the staff already done million times.
So blogger works really well for me and I have no major reason to switch to others blog engines. Especially keeping in mind that I keep my blog at my domain (

The day you start hosting your own blog by yourself, it gets outdated. You have to deal with many things (updates, rollbacks, backups/restore etc and so on) that you don't need to with Blogger.

Alexander said...

Yep -- after a while i decided to leave this idea. Not worth it, especially counting in how many wordpress blogs are being cracked.