Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time Tracking

You might have asked yourself a question - what should be your own working day length in order to reach the best performance?
There are different approaches for this.

I always used to work more than intended/I'm paid for. E.g. for the last month or so I've been sitting in the office and performing my dues for 10-12 hrs a day :o)

I started feeling this becoming a mo(:)bius strip - the longer you work the worse results are. I started feeling lack of patience, less creative insight and worse memory.

So, the first experiment I've done is not to work on weekends :) at all.
Next thing to try would be the 'kill' timer - I would start it as soon as I start working, and get off the work not depending on current status when it reaches 9 hours (9 is pretty a resaonable time, giving a hr for all the chit-chat, coffee breaks and lunch)

Will see how it goes.

I've already found a stopwatch for this - XNote Stopwatch - .
Now need to try how it goes.

Updates would follow soon - and have a good rest of the weekend.

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Dmytrii Nagirniak said...

Try the to Pomodoro Technique. There are really good ideas based on the nature of a human brain. If not all suggestions will fit you, then some definitely will.