Wednesday, December 10, 2008


First of all, sorry for showing plain thoughts, without specific technical background.
I have found, that I like minimal things. I like:

1. Ipod shuffle 2nd generation - it does not have screen. It has only the blinking led. It has only one hole through which it gets charged, filled with data and into which your favourite headphones fit flawlessly.
2. TRAC. Yes, this is an abbreviation. This is a tracking software (for bugs, change requests, some planning, for vivd documentation and for having all this stuff interlinked well. THis really works hard.
3. Awesome window manager. THis drives me crazy. Perfect thing for professional works with computer. It is tiling window manager, it does not have nor window headers neither borders, windows don't get overlapped normally, all is powered with keyboard. Result: you don't spend time on working with windows - dragging, resizing, etc.. You just spend time on working.

I hope to explain more of this stuff in the future posts, but tendency is prominent.
Things take your time. You need some things. So, you need things which take minimal amount of your time - MINIMAL ones.

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