Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time, endless short time

We have all heard of this principle, we try to use whenever we can.
There are tons of books about programming that use this principle - XP KISS system design, KISS code, which is easy-readable.

I have spent about 3 hours fighting with Ubuntu sound systems. I have discovered that there are several different sound servers/systems/modules that do use sound devices on different level of abstraction and HAVE NO COMMON INTERFACES.

Know what? My sound disappeared: I could not call with skype, I could not listen to music; no sound at all. I tried to revert to the original configuration, back and force - no sound at all.

And know what the problem was? My pcm device was muted in the mixer. I spent few minutes checking and fixing that. And three hours finding out what the hell is going on.


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